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The credits on the credit meter are stored in your browser's cookies on your hard drive. If your browser's security setting disallows cookies, the games will not be able to save your credits. Also, if you use a privacy program that erases your cookies, it will reset the credit meter.

To protect your credits, you should press the sweepstakes button to upload them to the server whenever you have a lot of credits on the credit meter. Make sure you do this before replacing your computer or re-installing the operating system.


If you have an old browser (Internet Explorer 8 or lower) that doesn't support HTML5, a Java version of the games will try to load instead. You might see the message "Application Blocked by Security Settings" if you have a new version of Java that doesn't work with our slots. Try using Google Chrome, a free web browser that doesn't need Java to play the games.

How do I change my e-mail address?

Log in and press the "Edit account" button, then edit the "E-Mail Address" line. If you've already created a new account with the new e-mail address, you'll need to change the new account to another address to get it out of the way so you can change the old account to the new address.

After you change your e-mail address, the status display for sweepstakes entries today and this month will not show your previous entries that were made under the old e-mail address. Don't worry, the entries are still in the sweepstakes. The account only displays entries submitted with the current e-mail address.

I forgot my password

Press the sweepstakes button and enter your e-mail address but leave the password box blank. Press the "Login" button. On the dialog box saying "Incorrect password", press the "E-mail me my password" button.

Where can I see who won?

Here is the Winners List.

How can a second person playing on the same computer enter the sweepstakes separately?

The second player should create their own account by pressing the "Create new account" button. When you log in with the sweepstakes button, it fills in the blanks with the last person who logged in, so if you weren't the last person to log in, you'll need to change it to your own account.